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Proceedings of a Criminal Trial

Criminal Trial Attorney West Palm Beach

David Pleasanton’s past experience as an officer in the Navy Judge Advocate General Corps where he served as both a prosecutor and defense counsel; as an Assistant State Attorney in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida where he was Chief of the Major Crimes Unit; as well as his 30 plus years in private practice as a criminal defense attorney gives David Pleasanton the knowledge to handle any type of criminal case.

David Pleasanton has handled most all types of criminal cases in both Federal and State Courts. Those cases include, but are not limited to, Capital, First and Second Degree Murder; Manslaughter; D.U.I. Manslaughter; Robbery; Burglary; Grand Theft; Kidnaping; Carjacking; Home Invasion; Drug Trafficking; Money Laundering; Human Trafficking; Organized Scheme to Defraud (White Collar Crime); Forfeiture; etc.

All Criminal charges must be taken seriously. You only get one chance to defend yourself. Your liberty and freedom are at stake. A decision that you make now, will affect you the rest of your life. The State and Federal Government have experienced prosecutors representing them. You should have no less.