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Drug Crime Defense West Palm Beach

Types of Drug Crimes

David provides an experienced, aggressive defense for all state and federal drug charges, including the following:

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Possession of drugs, narcotics or other illegal substances

  • Drug Manufacturing (including meth)

  • Drug Cultivation (growing Marijuana)

  • Money Laundering related to Illegal Drug Activity

Drug Related Arrest

Drug-related offenses make up approximately 35% of all arrests nationwide.  Drug laws exist at both the State and federal level which means someone could be prosecuted by both courts if charged with possession, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking of illegal drugs.  These illegal drugs include but are not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. 

If you are arrested for a drug crime or if you are questioned by law enforcement about a situation that may lead to a misdemeanor or felony drug charge it is critical that you acquire experienced legal help immediately.   The outcome of your case is dependent on the knowledge, experience, and legal skills of the attorney you choose to represent you.

Arrest for Possession of Drugs

Many times convictions in drug cases result from a law enforcement search and seizure that violates a defendants rights under the Fourth Amendment.  A search may have occurred at a public event, in a place of business, in a home, or during a routine traffic stop.  These searches can happen even if a law enforcement officer just suspects the presence or use of illegal drugs or narcotics, although they are in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the constitution if not conducted pursuant to a valid warrant and supported by probable cause.

A skilled criminal defense attorney will investigate the legality of the search and the procedures followed at the times the accused was detained, when evidence was seized and when statements were made.  This can happen regardless of whether the law enforcement officer had a search warrant. 

Money Laundering Defense

Money laundering is the practice of receiving cash derived from any illegal activity.  Money laundering typically involves cash received from embezzlement; drug manufacturing, sales, distribution; gambling; fraud; and more.

Th term “money laundering” is misconceived by the general public.  Money laundering can be as simple as he transfer of an item, when said item was purchased with proceeds from an illegal activity.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

David Pleasanton has extensive experience in a wide range of serious drug crimes and represents clients in state and federal courts in Florida.

In 1985 David Pleasanton accepted a position with the State Attorney’s Office, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. David quickly became a well-respected criminal trial lawyer and was given the task of running the Major Crimes Unit within the office. As Chief of the Major Crimes Unit, David Pleasanton was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all drug crimes within Palm Beach County, Florida, including wiretaps.

While an Assistant State Attorney, David became a member of the prestigious American Prosecutors Research Institute (A.P.R.I.), which is the educational affiliate of the National Association of District Attorneys. While an A.P.R.I. member David helped to design courses to be taught to prosecutors nationwide and helped to draft the forfeiture provisions of the Model Penal Code.

In 1991, David started his own law firm, David F. Pleasanton, P. A.

As a prosecutor David Pleasanton successfully investigated and prosecuted many large-scale drug traffickers as well as individuals accused of First Degree Murder and various other offenses.

Aggressive Defense for Drug Crimes

Defense attorney David Pleasanton will carefully evaluate all the circumstances surrounding your case and aggressively fight the charges filed against you. He will make sure that you understand any plea bargains offered and have all the facts you need to make informed decisions. If the best course of action is going to trial, he is always prepared to create an aggressive defense on your behalf.

When you or someone you care about needs legal advice and guidance about a drug charge in the West Palm Beach area, hire the legal services of an experienced criminal defense attorney before you speak to anyone. Receiving legal help is your constitutional right.

Drug Defense Case Results

The information below has not been reviewed or approved by the Florida Bar. Not all results have been provided, and results provided are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the attorney in every case. Each case is different, and each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.


State of Florida v. Clinton Bellamy
Case # 00-28055 MM A02 (Possession of Marijuana)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. Charles Brown
Case # 04-5578 CF A06 (Possession of Controlled Substance)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. David Cohen
Case # 01-19131 MM A02 (Possession of Marijuana)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. Michael Conti
Case # 00-35435 MM A02 (Possession of Marijuana)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. Shernita Dixon
Case # 92-14107 CF A02 (Trafficking in Cocaine)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. Malcolm Douglas
Case # 92-8078 CR – Ryskamp (Conspiracy to Sell Cocaine)
Not Guilty Verdict

State of Florida v. Benjamin Fulton
Case # 97-10644 CF A02 (Sale of Cocaine)
Charges Dropped by State

State of Florida v. Johnie Gray
Case # 93-7463 CF A02
Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted

State of Florida v. Juanita James
Case # 94-12055CF B02 (Possession of Cocaine)
Not Guilty Verdict

State of Florida v. Angel Quezada
Case #95-8490 CF A02 (Sale of Cocaine)
Not Guilty Verdict